Systolic Architecture for Fast and Intelligent Character Recognition Systems
Hirotomo Aso, Shin'ichiro Ohmachi, Yutaka Katsuyama and Masayuki Kimura
Proceedings of Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PRICAI'90), pp.805-810, November 1990

A fast and intelligent character recognition system is developed for application towards automatic recognition. As an important part of the system, a fast character recognition subsystem based on systolic architecture is developed. In this paper, systolic architecture is proposed, which is used to develop the subsystem. And the implemented hardware, called an image processor, is described. The image processor is designed to process at a rate of about 500 characters per second. The proposed architecture is a parallel processor that preprocess character images in a pipeline manner, and then invokes a recognition algorithm called associative matching, which is a pattern matching algorithm improved to work faster.